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Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct


The General Board has issued the following requirements to Faculty Boards and equivalent bodies, in relation to plagiarism and good academic practice: 

  1. That Faculty Boards issue written discipline-specific guidance on good academic practice.  All guidance should be consistent with the University's Rules of Behaviour and should include information about: 
  • correct citation techniques (of both printed and web-based material) and any other relevant scholarly conventions for submitted work;
  • plagiarism avoidance;
  • how to distinguish between acceptable collaboration and unacceptable collusion;
  • what level of acknowledgement is expected in all types of assessment, including submitted work and written examinations; 
  • how examiners deal with inappropriate academic practice.
  1. That the local guidance is easily accessible to students, staff and examiners. 
  2. That Faculties and Departments include information on plagiarism and good academic practice in their induction material and activities.  Faculties and Departments are also strongly encouraged to provide 'top-up' training at appropriate times (i.e., on citation techniques as students start to write their dissertations).

The General Board strongly recommend that Faculties and Departments require students to sign a declaration to confirm that they understand the University's definition of academic misconduct and the Faculty's local guidance, and that they undertake not to breach the Rules of Behaviour.  This written declaration should be obtained before submission dates, or as part of the coversheet for submitting assessed work; where relevant, the General Board also recommed that Faculties and Departments incorporate specific reference to Discipline Regulation 7 into their coversheets for submitting assessed work.


Discipline Regulation 7 reads:

No member of the University shall assist a candidate in any form of academic misconduct against the Rules of Behaviour for Registered Students and Formerly Registered Students.

Statutes and Ordinances 2019, p. 191 - Chapter II, Section 19